The Art of Facial Threading

Face Threading
Face Threading

The Origins of Threading
Threading is an ancient technique for removing unwanted hair from one’s body, originating from the Middle East and Asia. Threading is a fairly easy procedure, in which you can remove a whole line of hair from a single area in one swift motion by using a piece of thread. This is by far the neatest method of hair removal, as it gives you precision when you are creating shapes for your brows.

Threading is especially beneficial for people who have sensitive skin which reacts poorly to waxing and tweezing, as threading just plucks the fine hairs that grow on your skin instead of removing an entire layer of skin like waxing does. Threading leaves your skin looking clean and meticulous and grants you smoothness without any major irritation.

How is Threading Done?
Treading is a simple procedure. All you need to do is to knot a thread together and create a trap. Then you move this trap against the skin in deft strokes, causing the thread to catch and pull out the hairs on your skin from its very roots.
A few swift backward and forward movements are all you need for efficient hair removal. You can control the amount of hair you remove depending on your needs. If you are threading a large area like your forehead or your face, you can use the trap to remove all the hairs in a straight line with precise strokes of the thread against your skin. However, you can also pluck out individual hairs, like the extra hairs that grow around your eyebrows making them look messy, to give them a precise arch and shape.
How Long Does It Take For Hair to Re-grow after Threading?
When you get your eyebrows and your upper lips threaded, it usually takes two to three weeks for the hair to grow back. Threading on your entire face and forehead usually lasts for four to eight weeks before hair starts to re-grow.
Why Should I Choose Threading Over Waxing?
There are plenty of reasons why threading is a more convenient solution than waxing, especially when dealing with your facial area. Here are a few advantages that threading has over waxing:
Threading does not remove any layers of skin, as it just plucks the hair off your skin without major irritation making it less painful than waxing.
As you can remove even the finest hair off your skin through threading, hair takes longer to grow back. Regular threading can even lessen the amount and frequency of hair growth with time.
There is almost no irritation on the skin after threading, and there is no patching, swelling or redness of the skin as well.
Threading is suitable even for those who have a severe acne problem, especially for those who have a tendency to break out after waxing. Threading is a dermatologist approved procedure for hair removal for people with sensitive skin
You don’t need to wait till your hair grows long before you pluck it, you can remove hair even when it’s short and fine.
You can create clean, precise arch shapes for your brows hygienically, creating the perfect framework for your eyes and remove all your unwanted facial hair quickly and with much less pain through threading.
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